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Custom Luxury Swimming Pools & Spas Design and Construction Atlanta. Professional Luxury Custom Swimming Pools Builder in Atlanta GA. We Build Best Custom Luxury Swimming Pools & Spas in Atlanta Area As the leading luxury pool and spa designer in Atlanta, our team here at PoolPlusPool Luxury Pools has the experience and expertise necessary to design and build you the pools and spas of your dreams. Each one of our luxury and high-end pool installations is designed to fit your backyard and compliment your home. We design your custom pool from scratch to include every element that you desire from your luxury pool. From an in-ground pool adorned with a grotto, waterfall and rock flume water slide, our team can transform your backyard into your own private paradise.


Custom Swimming Pool Contractor Serving Atlanta

Luxury Pools & Spas Atlanta – We are the leading luxury and high-end swimming pool and spa construction company in Atlanta. We are headquartered in Alpharetta, Georgia, and serve the greater Atlanta area with high-quality custom swimming pool and spa design and installation. We provide our clients with innovative and holistic pool and spa designs that seamlessly come together with the rest of the backyard elements. We specialize in designing high-quality swimming pools and hot tubs for an exceptional value that turns out incredibly every time.

Atlanta Luxury Pool Designs

Installing a new luxury swimming pool in your backyard enhances the aesthetic of your property while increasing the recreation use of your home. Additionally, the investment that is your new luxury swimming pool will increase your home’s value.

At PoolPlusPool Luxury Pools, we treat your luxury pool design as if it were the only project we’re handling to ensure that we provide each luxury swimming pool is built with the highest level of care and attention. We work with you to design the perfect layout for your pool and yard and add any additional recreational elements such as spas, seating, decorative concrete pool decks, fire pits, and more. Our goal is to create the perfect luxury and high-end pool and outdoor living spaces for your home.

Luxury Spas and Hot Tubs

No luxury swimming pool is complete without the addition of a stylish and elegant outdoor spa. Luxury spas from PoolPlusPool Luxury Pools are designed with your pool in mind to create a space to relax and unwind in your outdoor paradise. Each one of our outdoor spas is designed and built with aesthetics and functionality in mind to ensure that your outdoor pool and spa integrate seamlessly into the rest of your backyard.

In-House Custom Pool Designs in Atlanta

Unlike other pool and spa contractors who use a patchwork of subcontractors to build a swimming pool, we pride ourselves on designing and building your swimming pool and spa with our in-house team of creative outdoor living designers. By sourcing all of our projects in-house, we are able to deliver a better, more consistent end-product at a lower price. This means that we are able to design bigger and better luxury and high-end pools for your dream outdoor living spaces!

Free Consultations and 3d Designs

If you’re interested in adding a luxury swimming pool and spa to your backyard, contact us today to schedule your free consultation. Our designers will create a digital 3D mock-up of your dream pool so that we can start making that dream a reality.

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If you would like to schedule a consultation with our pool design team or if you would like more information regarding new pool construction, water features, or outdoor living spaces from Pool Plus Pool, please feel free to contact us directly by calling (770) 309-9395, or complete the form below.

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